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What makes ISHR unique?
Wednesday, 25 November 2009 13:19

ISHR’s approach

ISHR’s standing

  • With offices in Geneva and New York, only a few steps from the headquarters of the United Nations, ISHR closely monitors all major human rights meetings at the UN and is a long-established and recognised expert on the UN human rights system. This gives our work a unique perspective on the functioning and evolution of key UN human rights bodies that is both holistic as well as analytical.
  • ISHR has also developed expertise in the functioning of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights and the Asia Pacific Forum of national human rights institutions. ISHR supports active engagement of defenders with regional human rights systems.
  • ISHR’s proximity to the UN and regional human rights mechanisms, and continuous engagement with human rights defenders working at the national and regional levels, puts us in a unique position to contribute to the sharing of best practices across different mechanisms and to ensure the concerns of human rights defenders remain at the heart of these mechanisms.

ISHR’s relationships

  • ISHR has established lasting partnerships with human rights defenders and national human rights institutions, which enhance the impact of our in countries.
  • ISHR has close relationships with human rights defenders, NGOs, academia, and other experts from the UN and regional systems, which strengthen and inform our work.
  • ISHR’s presence within the UN and regional systems makes us a valuable resource for human rights defenders wishing to use these systems.
  • ISHR is a trusted advisor and facilitator of NGO collaboration.

ISHR’s assets

  • ISHR’s information products and news stories are delivered in real time or shortly after the meetings take place.
  • ISHR's training courses on the UN and regional human rights systems build the capacity of human rights defenders to effectively use international, regional and national human rights mechanisms.
  • ISHR’s internship programme offers unique opportunities for aspiring human rights activists to develop both their substantive knowledge of the UN human rights system and their practical and professional skills in a supportive learning environment.


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