ISHR's Capacity-Building Activities
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Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) can make significant contributions to the development and implementation of human rights standards at both the international and national level. However, the UN system and its procedures are often far removed from the reality experienced by human rights defenders, who require practical information, training, support and assistance to enable them to better interact with the system.


NGOs are only able to influence national and international processes when they are well informed, well organised and strategic in their approach. This requires increased skills and knowledge of human rights procedures, standards, institutions and processes, as well as an acquaintance with the range of methods and strategies available for facilitating and monitoring international human rights obligations.


For the past 20 years, ISHR has contributed to the empowerment of NGOs and national human rights institutions (NHRIs) to enable them to effectively use international, regional and national mechanisms.

In Geneva

ISHR organises numerous training courses in Geneva that enable human rights defenders to learn about the UN human rights system, as well as witness and engage with the mechanisms first-hand. 

In the regions

ISHR works in the following geographical region of the world, to build and deepen the linkages between international, regional and national human rights systems and implementation:

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