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The Human Rights Monitor Quarterly presents a global picture of developments in the international and regional human rights systems. It also highlights events, meetings, and opportunities for NGO/NHRI engagement in the upcoming quarter and beyond.


The Quarterly was launched by the International Service for Human Rights in April 2010. It replaces the former annual Human Rights Monitor, New York Monitor, Treaty Body Monitor, UPR Monitor and Council Monitor publications.


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Issue 1, Vienna +20, 2013

Please find below the table of contents for Issue 1, 2013, covering news and events from August to November. Chapters can be downloaded individually, and the full publication is available to download here (pdf, 2 MB).



Introduction to the Vienna +20  issue


Thematic Focus

Vienna Declaration & Programme of Action


International Developments

General Assembly Third Committee

Universal Periodic Review

Human Rights Committee

Committee against Torture

Committee on Enforced Disappearances

Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights


Regional Developments

African Commission on Human & Peoples' Rights



Quick reference guide

Opportunities for NGO engagement

Useful links

Calendar of upcoming events - February - June 2013


ISHR thanks Irish Aid and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands for their support to this issue of the Human Rights Monitor Quarterly. The contents are the sole responsibility of the authors and cannot be regarded as reflecting the views of the project sponsors.


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