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Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues
Thursday, 06 December 2007 01:31


ISHR has been closely monitoring discussions and developments at the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues since its first session in 2002. With the release of our new Human RIghts Monitor Quarterly in 2010, we will now publish our analytical overview of each session of the Permanent Forum in that publication.

Latest reports and news stories:

  • ISHR's article on the 9th session of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues the evolution of a hybrid organ in the UN's human rights system, 19-30 April 2010. The article charts the evolution of the Permanent Forum into a hybrid organ within the UN's human rights system. It argues that the UN treaty body system and special procedures have heavily influenced the working methods of the Permanent Forum, as shown by the Permanent Forum's interactive dialogue with the Governments of Bolivia and Paraguay at its 9th session. These dialogues enabled members to follow-up on their official visits to both countries in 2009 to investigate forced labour and servitude in indigenous communities in the Chaco region. The effectiveness of these visits was increased by the inclusion of the relevant UN country teams, as well as specialised UN organisations like the International Labour Organisation and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. This has added a new and potentially far-reaching dimension to the way the Forum will work with States and the UN system in the future.

Background information

Created in 2000, the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues is an advisory body to the ECOSOC and is composed of 16 independent experts, eight nominated by governments and eight by indigenous peoples. It addresses indigenous issues in the areas of economic and social development, environment, health, human rights, culture, and education. According to its mandate, the Permanent Forum provides expert advice to ECOSOC and to UN programmes, funds, and agencies; raises awareness about indigenous issues; and promotes the integration and coordination of activities relating to indigenous issues within the UN system.

Further reading

More information is available on the UN's webpages on the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

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