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Within the UN system, the Peacebuilding Commission (PBC) and its related mechanisms is an unprecedented forum to debate peacebuilding and human rights issues with the participation of both international and local actors. Since the establishment of this body in 2005, Member States and other actors have identified human rights as a cross-cutting issue relevant to all priority peacebuilding areas, including security sector reform,  promotion of good governance, and socio-economic recovery. However, although human rights is emerging as one of the core areas in the PBC’s documents, it is usually covered very generally, and the challenge remains to translate this conceptual commitment into tangible results.

Latest reports and developments:

  • The report of the co-facilitators who undertook the review of the PBC was submitted to the President of the General Assembly on 19 July 2010. They concluded that the PBC is ‘now at a crossroads’, and rather than allowing it to settle into the ‘limited role’ it has had to date, States are ‘strongly’ in favour of revamping the PBC and re-affirming that peacebuilding is at the very heart of the UN’s work. The report will be discussed in both the General Assembly and the Security, however given the far-reaching nature of the recommendations from the co-facilitators, the timing for these discussions is unclear. 

Archived reports:

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