Human Rights Defenders
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1   Link   Peace Brigades International
PBI is an international NGO that has been promoting nonviolence and protecting human rights. Their work is based on the principles of non-partisanship and non-interference in the internal affairs of the organisations they accompany.
2   Link   Human Rights First
Human Rights First protects people at risk: refugees , victims of crimes against humanity or mass human rights violations, victims of discrimination, those whose rights are eroded in the name of national security, and human rights defenders.
3   Link   International Federation for Human Rights
FIDH contributes to the respect of all the rights defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. FIDH aims at obtaining effective improvements in the protection of victims, the prevention of Human Rights violations and sanctioning.
4   Link   Front Line
Front Line is the International Foundation for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders, with the specific aim of protecting human rights defenders at risk, who work for any or all of the rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
5   Link   Martin Ennals Award for Human Rights Defenders
the MEA is granted annually to someone who has demonstrated an exceptional record of combating human rights violations by courageous and innovative means. The award aims at encouraging human rights defenders who are at risk.
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