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1   Link   Servicio Paz y Justicia (SERPAJ)
SERPAJ is the primary organization dedicated to the defense and advancement of human rights in Uruguay..
2   Link   Red Nacional de Organismos Civiles de Derechos Humanos “Todos Los Derechos Para Todos
The Network TDT is a space of encounter and human rights agencies contribution in which they devise joint strategies to do more effective the defense and promotion of all the human rights for all the people.
3   Link   Programa Venezolano de Educación Acción en Derechos Humanos (PROVEA)
A branch of the Derechos (rights) Latin American organization.
4   Link   Movimento Nacional de Direitos Humanos (MNDH)
The MNDH was founded in the axis FIGHTS FOR THE LIFE AGAINST THE VIOLENCE and acts in the promotion of the Human Rights in its universality, interdependence and indivisibly.
5   Link   Justicia Global
Global Justice is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of human rights in Brazil through rigorous factfinding, documentation and reporting, as well as the use of international mechanisms for the protection of human rights.
6   Link   Federación Latinoamerica de Asociaciones de Familiares de Detenidos-Desaparecidos (FEDEFAM)
FEDFAM works to Fight Against Forced Disappearances all across Latin America
7   Link   Coorinadora Nacional de Derechos Humanos del Peru (CNDDHH)
At the National Association of Centers (ANC) and the National Organizer of Human Rights (CNDDHH) they denounce the legislative initiative promoted by diverse political sectors.
8   Link   Center for Justice and International Law (CEJIL)
CEJIL's principle objective is to achieve the full implementation of international human rights norms in the member States of the Organization of American States through the use of the Inter-American System for the Protection of Human Rights.
9   Link   Centro de Estudios Legales y Sociales (CELS)
The Center for Legal and Social Studies (Centro de Estudios Legales y Sociales, CELS) is a NGO that has been working since 1979 in the promotion and protection of human rights and to strengthen the democratic system in Argentina.
10   Link   Amazon Watch
Amazon Watch works to protect the rainforest and advance the rights of indigenous peoples in the Amazon Basin. They partner with indigenous and environmental organizations in campaigns for human rights, corporate accountability and preservation.
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