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1   Link   Human Rights in China (HRIC)
An international, Chinese, NGO with a mission to promote international human rights and advance the institutional protection of these rights in the People’s Republic of China.
2   Link   Asia Human Rights Commision
A broad site offering many resources focusing on human rights in the Asia-Pacific sector.
3   Link   Asia Monitor Reseach Center
An independent NGO which focuses on Asian labour concerns. The Centre supports a democratic and independent labour movement promoting the principles of labour rights, gender consciousness, and active workers’ participation.
4   Link   Sua-Ram Malaysia
SUARAM exists to fight for human rights in Malaysia, This includes the right to express oneself; freedom of religion; independence of the judiciary; freedom from abuse of police powers; environmental protection; the right to food, shelter, & health.
5   Link   South Asian Human Rights Documentation Center
The SAHRDC is a network of individuals across the region. It seeks to investigate, document and disseminate information about human rights treaties and conventions, human rights education, refugees, medicine, and more.
6   Link   Asia Pacific Forum for National Human Rights Institutions
The APF advances human rights in the Asia Pacific through our member organisations. They facilitate the formation and growth of national human rights institutions by providing training, networking and resource sharing.
7   Link   Asian Center for the Progress of Peoples
Asian Center for the Progress of Peoples is an independent organisation based in Hong Kong with an Asian focus.
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