Human Rights Council - NGO Statements
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In this section you will find statements pertaining to the Human Rights Council, its Working Groups and its mechanisms. Statements displayed here are by ISHR and by other non-governmental organisations (NGOs). This is not an exhaustive collection of all statements made at or pertaining to the Human Rights Council (please refer to the OHCHR Extranet for that purpose).


Click on the relevant session buttons below to view a list of ISHR statements.  You can also view videos of many of these statements on ISHR's YouTube channel.





  • ISHR statement presented at the Panel on Women Human Rights Defenders.

Watch from 2:23:36 to 2:26:03 for ISHR's statement.



  • ISHR statement on the annual report of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, and the reports of OHCHR and the Secretary General, presented under item 2.

  • Statement on reprisals against those that cooperate with the UN, its representatives, and mechanisms in the field of human rights, presented under Item 5.

  • Statement on paving the way to the second cycle of the UPR (Panel on technical cooperation), delivered under Item 10.
  • Joint end of session NGO statement, delivered by ISHR together with Amnesty International, Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development, Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, Civicus, Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies, International Federation of Human Rights Leagues, Human Rights House Foundation, International Commission of Jurists.

































  • Joint NGO statement on the Annual report of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and reports of the Office of the High Commissioner (Item 2), 8th session of the Human Rights Council (2 June 2008): updated English version, French version










































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