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The Council Monitor is an ISHR publication reporting on all the key developments at the Human Rights Council (the Council) and its mechanisms. It consists of the following reports:


  • The Council Alerts are sent out and published a few weeks before the beginning of each session of the Council and provide a summary of the important issues to be discussed at the upcoming session
  • The Daily Updates are published each day during Council sessions and review what happened inside and outside the plenary. At the 10th session of the Council they were replaced by the Council Updates
  • The Session Overviews are published a few weeks after each session and provide an analytical perspective
  • Reports on the meetings of the Durban Review Conference and the Advisory Committee
  • Special procedures reports: Up until the 7th session of the Council, we produced the Reports in Short, unofficial summaries of all the reports submitted to the Human Rights Council by special procedures
  • During the institution-building phase of the Council, we produced reports on the Working Groups of the Council

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