Publications on the Institution-Building of the Human Rights Council
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This page combines ISHR Publications on the institution-building process of the Human Rights Council. Throughout the institution-building process, we monitored and reported on its various aspects. Most of the publications on this page are by now superseded by more analytical pieces, but they are of continued relevance as they shed light on the context in which the Council conducts its daily business. For an overview of the institution-building process, please go to the section on the Human Rights Council, in particular the page on the institution-building process. 

Adoption of the institution-building text

  • ISHR's report on the adoption of the institution-building text (organisational meeting following the 5th session of the Counci)

Final stages of the institution-building process

Towards the end of the first cycle (spring 2007), the completion of the institution-building process was taken up by the President through a process of public informal consultations (on 10, 18 and 24 May 2007) and private discussions. The aim was to reach consensus towards adoption a 'institution-building package' on 18 June at the fifth session of the Human Rights Council. See our brief update reports on that phase: 


Reports about the Working Groups

The bulk of the debates around the various aspects of the institution-building process took place in three different working groups. Using the navigation on the left, you can access detailed reports on each of these working groups. On each page, you will find:


  • Overviews of all of the Working Groups' meetings since November 2006

  • Daily Highlights for the last meetings of the Working Groups from 10-27 April 2007

  • Highlights of the President's Informal Consultations on the Institution-Building Process taking place between 10 May and the 5th session of the Council


Please select a Working Group in the navigation bar on the left to view all the reports that we have produced on that specific Working Group's discussions and meetings.


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