Capacity-Building Activities in Africa
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ISHR’s experience in Africa includes international, regional, sub regional, and national activities to enhance the protection of human rights defenders and increase their engagement with the UN and the regional human rights systems.

Strategic objectives for the region

At the regional level, ISHR's activities have three main objectives:

At the sub-regional and national levels, our three main objectives are:

  • To increase the capacity of human rights defenders and NGOs to access and effectively engage with the international and regional human rights systems, through the provision of information, strategic advice and training
  • To strengthen sustainable human rights defenders networks as a means of protection
  • To increase strategic collaboration between human rights civil society organisations and other stakeholders


scan0005At the international level, ISHR provides analytical studies and reports on international human rights law and mechanisms, in particular those of the UN system, to human rights defenders, civil society organisations and National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs). We also lobby for the strengthening of the UN mandate for the protection of human rights defenders and support its work in Africa. ISHR provides training on the UN human rights system and promotes engagement with the system by human rights defenders.


At the regional level, ISHR's main focus is to lobby the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights to strengthen mechanisms for the protection of human rights defenders. We participate in the regional NGO Forum, working with the African Centre for Democracy and Human Rights Studies, the main organiser of the NGO Forum, and with the sub-regional networks to discuss strategies and mechanisms to address the protection of human rights defenders. 


At the subregional and national levels, the emphasis is on capacity-building for civil society organisations (CSOs) to carry out their work more effectively. We organise and conduct workshops and train-the-trainer courses with local partners to enhance their capacity and to introduce defenders to the main developments, debates and initiatives in human rights law and practice at the UN and regional levels. We also support the participation of sustainable sub-regional networks in international and regional mechanisms. 


For further details on our activities in the region, please go to the African Commission or sub-regional and national activities pages. 


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