Senegal reviewed under the UPR
Sunday, 08 February 2009 01:44


Senegal was reviewed on the afternoon of 6 February 2009 by the UPR Working Group. Its delegation was headed by Senegal's Minister of Justice. Praised for its success in improving enjoyment of the rights to education and health, and children's rights, Senegal received critical comments and recommendations on the following major issues:


  • Criminalisation of homosexuality. The delegation gave assurances that sexual orientation is a private matter, and denied that Senegal prosecutes homosexuality. However, it remained silent on the possibility of revoking the relevant provision in the penal code

  • Restrictions on freedom of expression, particularly the seizures of newspapers, intimidation against journalists, and strict national press law. Senegal acknowledged the need to prevent abuse of the right to freedom of expression. In this regard, Senegal announced that it is currently studying the possibility of reforming the law by decriminalising certain offences under the press law. Regrettably, no timeframe on the matter was given

  • Discrimination against vulnerable groups, including women and children. Focus was on the practices of polygamy and female genital mutilation (FGM). Many States urged Senegal to conduct awareness-raising campaigns on FGM. With regard to polygamy, Senegal denied that it represents a violation of women's rights, provided that polygamy is the choice of women

  • Independence of judicial bodies and separation of powers

  • While many States commended Senegal for its ratification of most international human rights instruments, they recommended it to ratify the second Optional Protocol to the ICCPR, to issue a standing invitation to all special procedures, and to duly submit its periodic reports to relevant treaty bodies

  • States also recommended that Senegal take additional measures to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, especially on poverty eradication and access to education.


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