Review of Uzbekistan under the UPR
Thursday, 11 December 2008 06:41

On the morning of 11 December, the Working Group on the universal periodic review examined the situation regarding human rights in Uzbekistan. The delegation was led by Minister and Chairman of the National Centre for Human Rights Dr Akmal Saidov. Questions and recommendations focused on the following:


  • Torture and arbitrary detention: Many States were extremely concerned about the reports of arbitrary detention and of the extensive use torture in detention centres by police officials. Uzbekistan was urged to criminalise torture in its Penal Code, not accept confessions acquired by torture in courts, fight impunity by making sure that allegations of torture are properly investigated, and strengthen its cooperation with humanitarian organisations allowing them access to detention centres and prisons.
  • Freedom of expression and assembly: Several States were extremely concerned about the situation for human rights defenders and journalists, who are reportedly subjected to intimidations and arbitrary detentions. Many States urged Uzbekistan to amend the legislation with regard to terror legislation, which is reportedly used to harass NGOs and religious communities. In general, Uzbekistan was requested to reform its legislation and simplify the registration procedure for NGOs and religious communities.
  •  Child labour: Many States touched on the problem of the extensive use of child labour in cotton production.
  • United Nations Special Procedures: Many States recommended that Uzbekistan extend an open invitation to visits from all Special Procedures.
  •  Many States commended Uzbekistan for its legislative reform in recent years, especially the introduction of Habeas Corpus and the abolishment of the death penalty.

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