Review of Montenegro
Wednesday, 03 December 2008 10:38


On the afternoon of 3 December, the Working Group on the universal periodic review considered the situation in Montenegro. The delegation was led by the Minister of Justice to Montenegro. Questions and recommendations focused on the following:


  • MInority rights: there was a specific concern about the poor social and economic conditions of the Roma population in Montenegro. The delegation cited the enactment of the National Action Plan of Minorities as one remedy to improve the living conditions of the Roma people
  • Trafficking of women and children for sexual purposes: States enquiries how Montenegro was providing assistance to women and child victims of trafficking and recommended that it increase its efforts to cooperate with neighbouring countries in this regard
  • Corruption and the lack of independence in the judicial system: the delegation acknowledged the corruption problem and reported that a plan to combat corruption was currently in place
  • Status of refugees and internally-displaced persons and their legal status. The delegation responded that housing quarters had been built for refugees without discrimination on the grounds of their affiliations/membership
  • Gender equality and Montenegro’s adoption of a law on gender equality: some States were concerned, however, that discrimination still exists and recommended that Montenegro take further measures to combat it


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