Review of Djibouti under the UPR
Tuesday, 03 February 2009 02:28


On the afternoon of 2 February 2009, the Working Group on the universal periodic review (UPR) examined the human rights situation in Djibouti. The Djiboutian delegation was led by the Minister for Justice, Mr Mohamed Barkat Abdillahi and included representatives of several relevant ministries. More than 60 States wished to take part in the review although only around 40 were able to do so. Questions and recommendations focused on the following key issues:


  • In view of the continued practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) across the country, the Government of Djibouti was urged to enforce the law criminalising the practice more strenuously as well as develop awareness and educational campaigns discouraging the practice of FGM
  • The need to overcome barriers posed by traditional thinking to increase the participation of women in civil and political life and to address the high illiteracy rate of women
  • Initiatives to bolster and promote higher education while providing more primary and secondary schools to broaden access to to education. In this endeavour, many States reminded the Government of the need to make education accessible for and appropriate to the needs of disabled children and other vulnerable children
  • Measures to strengthen the independence and effectiveness of the judiciary particularly in upholding journalists' right to freedom of expression and the right of trade unionists to associate freely
  • The importance of protecting and promoting the rights of children, including combatting all violence against children (including corporal punishment in homes) and child prostitution and maintaining a birth register. A number of States stressed the need to curb the high rate of infant morality through greater investment in health initiatives
  • A number of States called for greater engagement with the international human rights system through meeting reporting obligations to the treaty bodies, undertaking meaningful follow-up actions to reviews and extend a standing invitation to the special procedures. Addtionally, the Government was encouraged to seek technical assistance from OHCHR. 

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