Review of Cape Verde under the UPR
Wednesday, 10 December 2008 06:28

On the morning of 10 December, the Working Group on the universal periodic review examined the human rights situation in Cape Verde. Cape Verde was represented by the Minister for Justice, Ms Marisa Helena Morais. Questions and recommendations focused on the following key issues:


  • Many States expressed concern at the prevalence of child labour and the sexual abuse of children (including child prostitution) in Cape Verde
  • Some States drew attention to the fact that Cape Verde remains a country of transit for the trafficking of persons and implored the Government to adopt measures to prevent human trafficking
  • States expressed concern about the incidence of domestic violence and entrenched exclusion of women from civil and political life
  • States also expressed concern about prison overcrowding and conditions of detention facilities. States further stressed the need to reform the justice system to reduce the currently excessive length of pre-trial detention and to develop a more just, alternative mechanism of imprisonment specific to juvenile detainees
  • A significant number of States called for corporal punishment to be expressly prohibited by law
  • A number of States welcomed recent initiatives in developing national action plans to promote gender equality, children’s rights, education, and health
  • A few States suggested Cape Verde extend a standing invitation to special procedures mandate–holders. 

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