Review of Burundi
Tuesday, 02 December 2008 07:51


On 2 December in the morning, the Working Group on the universal periodic review considered the situation in Burundi. The delegation was led by the minister for solidarity, human rights and gender and comprised other high level officials. More than 40 States took part in the interactive dialogue, which focused on the following issues:


  • A number of States welcomed the announcement that Burundi has abolished the death penalty.
  • Members of the Working Group also encouraged the Government to establish its independent national human rights commission in accordance with the Paris Principles. The Government announced that it expects the commission to be functioning in early 2009.
  • Many States expressed serious concerns about the prevalence of sexual violence, rape and other gender based violence. Several States also highlighted the continued use of torture. Members of the Working Group encouraged the Government to step up its efforts to investigate such crimes and hold perpetrators to account to ensure that there will be no impunity.
  • States also expressed concerns about discrimination against women, including in relation to marriage and inheritance and recommended review of relevant laws.
  • A number of States expressed concern about reports that Burundi plans to criminalise consensual same-sex relations in its new criminal code. The Government responded that it would give further consideration to this issue.
  • Several States were concerned about restrictions on freedom of expression and association for members of the opposition, the media and civil society.
  • In relation to transitional justice, members of the Working Group recommended that Burundi should establish without delay transitional justice mechanisms.


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