Review of Burkina Faso under the UPR
Tuesday, 09 December 2008 10:19


During the review of Burkina Faso under the universal periodic review, members of the Working Group raised questions and made recommendations in relation to the following key issues: 


  • Many States commended Burkina Faso for the efforts they have made particularly in the areas of children’s and women’s rights, especially the fight against female genital mutilation (FGM), depite the major economic problems faced by the country
  • A number of States supported Burkina Faso’s call for aid from the international community to help implement its human rights obligations.
  • The most prominent concern was discrimination against women, mainly through social and cultural customs and practices, such as FGM, forced marriage and polygamy, which are prevalent in many rural communities. Many States aised questions about the legal guarantees to protect women, and many recommendations were made to intensify protection and prevention measures
  • Children’s rights: detention in the same penitentiary facilities as adults and the high prevalence of trafficking and child labour were the principal concerns
  • Poor conditions in detention facilities, principally concerning overcrowding and the lack of specific juvenile institutions
  • Many States recommended that Burkina Faso formalise its moratorium on the death penalty by introducing legislation to officially outlaw this punishment The high rate of illiteracy was noted by many States as a major obstacle to the full enjoyment of human rights
  • Many States recommended strengthened efforts to provide universal education to all children until the age of 16, especially in rural communities
  • Independence of the judiciary as well as of the National Human Rights Commission


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