Mexico reviewed under the UPR
Tuesday, 10 February 2009 09:16


On the morning of 10 February 2009, the Working Group on the UPR examined the human rights situation in Mexico. Mexico was represented by the Minister of the Interior, Mr Fernando Gomez Mont Urueta. The overall quality of the dialogue was high. Most States were complimentary of Mexico’s progress in the promotion and protection of human rights and its comprehensive report prepared in collaboration with civil society, but also offered constructive criticism and made specific recommendations. The delegation acknowledged Mexico’s shortcomings and generally provided detailed and frank responses. The main issues covered were in the following areas:


  • Violence and discrimination against women, especially as regards employment discrimination, domestic violence, and the high rates of femicide in Chihuahua and Ciudad Juarez
  • Concern over killings and attacks against journalists and human rights defenders and the need to create a safer environment for free speech and a democratic media
  • The need to harmonise State and municipal legislation with national legislation on human rights and to harmonise all domestic legislation with international human rights obligations
  • The role of the Mexican military in maintaining public security, the use of force by military officials on civilian populations, and the problematic use of military tribunals to deal with offenses against civilians
  • The rights of indigenous, migrant, and marginalised populations and the need for better provision of specialised services to those groups
  • The need for judicial reforms to address problems of impunity, torture, and indefinite detention
  • Poverty eradication and guarantees of access to healthcare and adequate food


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