Mauritius reviewed under the UPR
Tuesday, 10 February 2009 23:28


On the afternoon of 10 February 2009, Mauritius was reviewed by the UPR Working Group. The interactive dialogue between the delegation of Mauritius led by Mr Jayarama Valayden, the Attorney General, and the Working Group saw relatively little participation of States with only 45 questions being asked. The review was characterised on the one hand by the high level of sincerity and precision in the State’s presentation and its answers to questions, and on the other hand, by the balanced questions addressed to Mauritius. Indeed, the great majority of States highlighted positive achievements by Mauritius as well as shortcomings regarding which they made constructive recommendations. As far as successes are concerned, the following points were widely shared:

  • Large involvement of civil society in the drafting of the State report
  • Impressive achievements in eradicating poverty and in general, in ensuring the full enjoyment of social, economic and cultural rights (education and healthcare services for all) including the fact that the country will meet the Millennium Development Goals
  • Establishment of a great number of State institutions to promote and protect human rights.


The concerns expressed addressed the following matters. Most of them were admitted by Mauritius and will be examined by it:

  • The absence of a standing invitation to all special procedures
  • The lack of ratification of some important international conventions such as the Convention on Enforced Disappearances, the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and the Optional Protocol to the CRC on the sale of children, children prostitution and child pornography
  • Brutality by police officers with some cases of death in custody being recorded, and measures taken to ensure their accountability
  • Poor living-conditions for migrant workers
  • Discriminations against LGBT persons and the lack of legal provisions for them to seek justice
  • Violence against women (domestic violence, and violence at the work place) and child abuse
  • Persistence of strong stereotypes against women in the society.

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