Cuba reviewed by the UPR Working Group
Friday, 06 February 2009 04:11

On the afternoon of 5th February, Cuba was reviewed by the UPR Working Group. The interactive dialogue between the delegation lead by Mrs Maria Esther Reus Gonzales (Minister of Justice) and the Working Group was very well attended, with more than 100 States wanting to speak. Cuba was praised by most States for its achievements in the field of education, health and poverty despite the much-criticised US blockade, and for its leading role in the promotion of human rights in its country and throughout the world. Many States of the Non-Aligned Movement took the floor, and political inclinations and traditional friendships were reflected in the debate. However, a few States nonetheless raised some major concerns:

  • The persistence of death penalty in domestic legislation
  • The increase of arbitrary detention especially of human rights defenders, journalists and prisoners of conscience
  • Restrictions to freedom of movement in domestic laws which is demonstrated for instance in the penalization of illegal exit and entry
  • Restrictions to freedom of expression and the right to peaceful assembly through laws submitting for instance NGOs activities to registration to the government
  • Subordination of the judiciary to the executive branch and the negation of the access to justice stemming from it
  • Sub-standard conditions in prisons and the lack of access to prisons by international observers
  • Lack of cooperation with international human rights mechanism such as special procedures. It was recommended that the state extend its invitation made to the special procedures on the right to food and on torture to all special procedures
  • Recommendations were made for the prompt ratification of the two covenants on civil and political, and social, economic and cultural rights signed in 2008 by Cuba, as well as their full implementation


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